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Massage Therapy Services:

Full Body Massage: $35 (30 min), $60 (60 min), $95 (90 min)

Hot Stone Massage: $45 (30 min), $70 (60 min) (24 hour notice required)

Chair Massage: $20 (15 min), $35 (30 min)

Additional Customizations:

- Deep Tissue ($10 extra)

- Cupping Treatment ($10 extra)

-Manual Lymphatic Drainage ($10 extra)

- Scalp & Sinus Massage ($5 extra)

-Paraffin Wraps ($10 extra) (24 hour notice required)

-Hot Towels ($5 extra)

-Aromatherapy (Diffused and/or Topically) ($5 extra)

*Lavender (stress, anxiety)

*Peppermint (pain, headache, sinus)

*Thieves (digestion, immune system)

*Lemon (skin, weight loss)

*Ortho-Ease (joint and muscle pain)

*Plus many more YoungLiving Oils offered!

Special Spa Packages: $70

-Raindrop Technique
(The Raindrop Technique® is a unique practice based on methods that have been used for centuries to rejuvenate the body and mind. The Raindrop Technique helps bring balance and harmony to the body by combining targeted massage and distinctive energy approaches. It also includes pure, therapeutic-grade Young Living essential oils to create an atmosphere of spirituality and serenity. This is a therapy used not just for post-workout recovery; It is for anyone seeking to better their health and the way they feel. This technique works the oils into the bottoms of the feet and back, neck, and shoulders while applying a relaxing massage.)

-Relaxation Package (In this package you will receive a hour swedish massage combined with a blend of calming essential oils diffused and applied to the skin, hot towels, eye pillow, and breathing techniques to provide the ultimate stress relief package. You will leave this session feeling stress free and rejuvenated!)

-Pain Relief Package (In this package you will receive a hour deep tissue massage combined with a blend of pain relief essential oils diffused and applied to the skin, hot towels, and stretches to alleviate symptoms associated with chronic pain such as low back pain, shoulder/neck pain, sciatica pain, muscle spasms, etc.)

-Sinus/Headache Relief Package (In this package you will receive a hour swedish massage combined with a blend of sinus/headache relief essential oils diffused and applied to the skin, extra scalp and facial massage to hit the key pressure points causing sinus and headache pressure, massage of pressure points on the feet and hands to release sinus and headache pressure, and a heated eye pillow.)

Personal Training Services:

**Personal Training sessions on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday in Rockwell City**

Indiviudal (one on one) sessions:

1 session: $40

8 sessions: $280 ($35 per session)

16 sessions: $480 ($30 per session)

24 sessions: $600 ($25 per session)

2-5 people:

$15 per person

NEW: 24/7 Gym

Membership rates:


1st Month Trial- $10

Monthly- $15

Yearly- $150 ($12.50/month)

Equipment provided as of 02/01/2020:

3 Treadmills

2 Ellipticals

Recumbent Stationary Bike

Upright Stationary Bike

4 Weight Benches (2 flat benches, 2 incline benches)

Squat Rack & Pull-up Bar

2 Bench Racks

2 Set of plates and plate rack

2 full dumbbell sets 5-50lbs

Speaker system (be courteous while using) bluetooth, aux, radio, etc

2 sets of ankle weights

Weightlifting gloves & chalk

Kettlebell set 5- 40 lbs

Medicine ball set and rack

Bosu ball/balance trainer

Exercise Ball

Yoga mats

Resistance Bands

Exercise Sliders

TRX Suspension trainer system/bands & ab straps

Kickboxing Bag & Gloves

25 lbs barbell

2 Standard Olympic Barbells (45 lbs) and clips

Weightlifting Belt

Plyometric Jump Boxes

Mirrors to check form


Refrigerator to store cold drinks and/or buy workout supplements from

2 bathrooms & 1 shower room

Cleanup supplies (Clorox wipes & spray cleaner) & Hand Towels Provided

Chairs and sign in table as you walk in, hooks also provided

Antenna TV for cardio equipment use


Individual sessions:

1 session: $30

4 sessions: $100 ($25 per session)

8 sessions: $160 ($20 per session)

*These are introductory rates, take advantage of these affordable rates while they last!


Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 6:00 AM- 3:30PM

Wednesday: 12:00-6:00 PM

#712-887-0126 (Call or Text)

**Gift certificates are available! A great gift idea for your loved one. Stop in to grab a certificate, or they can be mailed or emailed to you directly!

**Young Living Essential Oils are available for purchase at the studio!

**To see additional photos of the massage therapist's office, gym, and other information "like" my facebook page at www.facebook.com/totalbodyworksllc

**If you would like to bring in your own music to listen to during your massage (other than what is already provided) feel free to do so!